C-Date Review

C-date is an affair dating site where mature consenting adults link up for casual sex dating without emotional attachment or what we call no strings attached. The 'C' in C-date is an abbreviation for casual thus the nature of the site. One is likely to find all sorts of people, married, singles and even those that are in open relationships. C-date has gained popularity mostly in the European countries and in Australia among other regions.

C-date was launched sometimes in 2008 and has registered over 20 million subscribers from many countries across the world. It is preferred for its spontaneity as well as its improved security where anonymity is maintained on the site. It is available both on mobile apps such as Android and iSO app and on PC.


Sign up and charges

To sign up for an account, a user has to go through the terms and conditions of the site. And once you have agreed, you may then proceed with registration. The process is quick and fast and one needs to fill out some of their details. They do not require much information since the purpose is just to get a casual date.

The experience in C-date is amazing as adults get to engage in casual encounters without having to beat around the bush faking emotional connection.

Membership for ladies is free. This is meant to keep a good ratio of men to women on the site. And it also helps to encourage women to be bold enough to also ask for casual affairs.

For the men, to get full membership that comes with access to unlimited features on the site the charges are $14.90 per month. The fee is regarded as a bit pricey by some, but it is supposed to filter out jokers and fake accounts on the site.

Features available

C-date has some of the most exciting features making it a top casual dating site. An example of one of the features is the profile photo privacy, where your profile photo is blurred to protect your identity. This photo can only be manually viewed with your permission. This has greatly improved security on the site.

The other feature is simplified search tools, where a member can discretely search for another member without them knowing.

C-date allows members to chat with each other in order to plan for dates; you can also exchange photos and videos to create the sexual tension needed to lead to a date. Flirting is uncommon on the site since members are here for a single purpose, thus the conversations are straight to the point.

The erotic theme on the site acts as a great indicator of what to expect. Surveys have indicated c-date has high chances of getting a match within the first few days from registration.


C-date is a huge casual sex site, it offers members of consenting age the chance to explore and have enjoyed their time together. This classic site has all the recipe of a top site and since affairs are meant to be private, c-date takes care of all your privacy concerns. It is a site that many would recommend for casual flings.

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