How to Avoid Casual Relationships Getting Serious

Casual relationships are meant to be just fun and with lots of sex without, there is no space for emotions or any sort of personal attachment. These sort of arrangements are very popular among all people both married and singles and has gained momentum with websites that allow people to have these casual affairs. It has however, turned out that a number of these arrangements are turning into serious relationships.

Imagine having multiple casual affairs and enjoying all the fun of not being committed to anyone and then all over sudden you settle with one, and you can no longer see the rest? This has happened too many times and it has been brought about by some of the factors that we are going to look at in this article. We are also going to look at ways of avoiding this from happening.

What causes casual relationships to turn serious?

One of the factors is holding on to one another for too long. An example of a casual affair is a one night stand. By definition the affair is only meant for one night, but when you start pursuing for a repeat after another, you will end up calling them dates. Little by little you are a couple with your one night stand.

Having a casual affair with a friend or someone you have a crush on. There is a misconception that ones you have slept with a friend or a crush then the lust will be quenched forever. True this could happen but, also it could ignite a romance flame than neither of you was expecting.

High expectations from either partners during the casual fling. This has mostly come up in situations where one of the partners is not honest with the other prompting ambiguity that is later used to quilting the other into committing to the relationship.

How then do we avoid these casual relationships from turning serious?

Never have a casual fling with someone you care about, it might be a friend or someone you have a crush on. This has been the biggest mistake committed that has lead to casual flings taking a different turn.

Communicate and be honest about your intentions with your partner. Let them understand that you are only in this for the fun of it and that you are not looking forward to anything serious. If you will be together multiple times, remind them and keep checking whether their stand is changing. The moment you notice a change, like they have started to get emotional, it best to ditch the arrangement.

Destruct yourself. After good sex you might be tempted to start appreciating your one night stand or your friend with benefit which is a bad move. Instead destruct yourself by going out with other people and even trying out news things on dating.

Always practice safe sex to avoid unplanned circumstances like diseases and pregnancies. Casual flings have been dealt a big blow by careless sexual acts leading to pregnancies where both partners are forced to raise this baby.

Avoid getting personal and always avoid talks that will ignite emotions like your past or family matters. Casual flings should be maintained as casuals as possible.