Tinder for Sex and Its Alternatives

Tinder has been popular ever since its launch in this dating business for a number of years. And it has gained popularity beating almost all other dating websites. It caters to both serious relationships and casual hookups. However, if you are purely looking for casual sex thing, then Tinder might not be your best option.

Tinder has all the amazing features that make online dating fun. However, you have to understand all the functionalities and its uniqueness. For example, you have to be really cautious to read every bio before swiping right on another person's profile. This is because they might not seek for casual hookups while it is what you are after. The fact that there all sorts of people looking for different relationships makes tinder a tricky site to rely for you casual sex matches.

Benefits of using Tinder for hookup

Tinder has different features that improve connectivity and networking thus making hooking up blissful. Features such as geo-locaters help users to be notified about their matches' proximity and online availability status. This is important whenever you need to plan a date or just hang out.

The other benefit is that Tinder has one of the largest number of users among all other dating websites. With over 50 million users, Tinder gets about 1.5 billion swipes in a single day. And there is estimation that users get 1 million dates in a week. This large member base comes as a guarantee of finding casual encounters on Tinder.

It is available in about 30 languages worldwide and it is available both on mobile app and on its website. This makes Tinder more accessible to everyone with an internet connection even when one is travelling to a different region. Hooking up on Tinder gets better with these sorts of benefits.

Exceptions on Tinder

Not all the members on tinder are looking for casual sex. This is essential, to avoid the awkwardness of contacting someone who is actually seeking a serious relationship. As discussed above that Tinder has all types of users on their site. Some are looking for casual dates, while others are looking for a serious romantic connection.

First you have to understand the features and how they work, how do you swipe either left of right and what does that mean. You also need to go through the short bio of those profiles that catch your eye. Through their bio data you can be able to pick whether one is interested in casual date or not. For example, women will try to include something like "NO ONS". This is an abbreviated phrase of 'NO ONE NIGHT STANDS'. Such a statement would outright mean that such a woman is not looking for casual sex. Other will plainly indicated what they are seeking, thus it is advisable that you check them up.

The better option for casual sex dating

For simple and direct casual sex encounters, the site which reviews top casual sex dating sites has better options. Those sites are specifically designed for casual hookups and thus the name of the site; it's all about adults seeking other adults to have fun. From the steamy explicit profiles and galleries on this kind of site, one can surely tell that the site offers any adult a chance to hookup and get on with it, without fearing bumping into someone looking for anything other than a casual fling.

Among all the options out there, AFF is one of the most popular sex dating sites in the world. It has a large user base coupled with great features to allow adults get hook up online and have great fun.


There are different sites that specialize on facilitating different kind of connections. Tinder and other casual sites happen to overlap in functionality where both can meet the need of casual dating. However, those pure sex dating sites are more specific thus getting more preference from those who are not seeking for serious relationships. Tinder on the other hand has its merits and has taken a large share of online dating users. To be able to enjoy any of these sites, you have to be specific on what you are after. Get on the right niche dating site can help increase the chance of hooking up with like-minded people.