Casual sex options, which one is your choice?

Casual sex is that sort of sex where those involved in it are not romantically into it, there are not emotional commitment between the two. This is the sort of sex has gained popularity among generations of those calling themselves sexually emancipated, but this has not been without challenges from different authorities such as religious and moral conservative societies.

Casual sex advocates for humans to enjoy the free will to have sex and enjoy bodily pleasures without having any condemnations. Among the groups of people that have been born out of these sex revolution includes, swingers, prostitutes, escorts and others who just have sex for fun. There are various types of casual sex and that is what we will be looking at.

The common casual sex options are:

One night stand

Friends with benefit

No strings attached

Sex for money commonly referred to as prostitution

One night stand

This is the type of casual sex that happens only once hence the name one night stand. You meet a person and you flirt your way into their pants. It is common between two people who have no previous history; they are strangers who just want to have fun with each other's body and nothing more. One night stands can be picked from sex dating sites, from pubs during a night out or at any social gathering.

One night stands are common among people who travel a lot since they cannot settle down with anyone.

Friends with benefit

This is the kind of casual sex that happens between two friends who are there to benefit each other in one way or the other. The benefits may be in terms of the sex, cost sharing and the company of each other. This kind of arrangement is common among young people in colleges or those still trying to find stables means of living. Friends with benefits can also be between adults who bang each other then go their own separate ways.

Friends with benefit can last for as long as the two are okay with it but it has high chances of turning into a real relationship with time. Emotions end up getting in the way forcing the two to get emotionally invested into the arrangement changing its title to a romantic relationship.

No strings attached

For a no strings attached encounters; these two people are in some sort of arrangement to only be there for each other for sex. There are no emotional connections between the two and they do not benefit each other in any other way. This can be between married couples who just want to have an affair then each goes home to their partner.

Sex for money

This is an arrangement that is made between two consenting adults where one is required to offer sexual services and he/she is paid in return. This is what happens with escort services, and others such as prostitution. These are legal in some place but illegal in most places. If you would like free online sex, this is not your option. The buyer is there to get sex and the seller is there to get paid and that is the only purpose the two are involved in the casual sex.

Which one do you prefer?

All these are casual sex options and it only depends on your preference and moral judgment. Different states also have different legal interpretations on casual sex. Therefore take your time to understand them.