Pros and Cons of Casual Relationships

Casual relationships can be fun and exciting provided you are well aware of what you are getting at. The arrangements have been in existence since the ancient times and there have been observations and studies on the pros and cons of these affairs. In this article we will focus on the positive and negative impacts of casual relationships both on an individual and their surroundings.

The Pros

The affairs are fun and more flexible to those that cannot commit or get tied down to one partner. The flexibility allows one to focus on other essential life purposes like career, business and education among others.

Casual affairs give one a wide range of experience on relationship and how to interact with others. In these flings you get to meet many people, from different cultures and through these interactions you gain some exposure.

Casual flings bring more sexual awareness and builds confidence in that you get to learn your body and what it wants. This information is vital in boosting your self esteem and making you to be fully in control of your sexuality.

These affairs save you from heartbreaks and offers advantages that come with emotional freedom. Relationships have often been associated with different health conditions like stress, mental break down and others, all due to emotional turmoil. Those without any serious relationship get to enjoy the freedom and still get their sexual need met.

With multiple sex partners you get to try out different things like kinky ideas and other tricks of spicing up your bedroom skills. This is advantageous as when you finally get to settle you will have had tones of sex knowledge lessening bedroom boredom that haunts many marital beds.

The Cons

The affairs predisposes you to a life that is fun and one that is addictive in that you cannot view even a serious relationship as one. Many of those who have been in these sorts of arrangements for a long duration have been unable to have anything serious. Settling down becomes a big problem.

Casual affairs have the probability of exposing one to health dangers like sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies for the ladies. This happens when safety is neglected and caution is thrown to the wind. Some casual dating sites have been accused of propagating immorality in the society hence the spread of STDs.

These affairs have faced criticism from the moral conservatives terming them as demeaning to the whole sexuality thing. It is said casual flings take away the sanctity of sex by encouraging premarital sex, infidelity and adultery among other vices. Sex has lost its deeper meaning with mostly women getting objectified as well as putting marital institutions in limbo.

Friendships have ended and other relations broken after casual sex. This is because sex tends to change everything especially between friends and the moment they decide to try it, they either end up as enemies or lovers.


There you have it, there are both pros and cons associated with casual relationships and the choice is always yours. Weigh the balance and know which way to go.