Tinder Hookup – Should It Be Your Choice for Casual Sex

Living in a world that worships freedom, more and more people are into open relationship and casual sex thing. They choose casual hookups rather than serious relationship since there is no strings attached. What's more, the online dating has greatly changed the way people meeting and talking. Back in the 90's when we talk about dating sites; we may just refer to those marriage-minded ones like Match. But that's not the option for all the people especially nowadays. Now when we are talking about dating, many may think of the hookup sites rather than the serious ones.

What is Tinder hookup?

Speaking of hookup platforms, many of us would think of Tinder. Tinder is a dating platform originally designed for singles to match, chat, meet and date with the one they are interested in. But due to its swipe feature, a lot of people use it as the platform to find casual dates. Why? Basically, they do the match based on members' physical attraction. They do not have the complicated matching algorithm based on members' interests or so like those serious match making sites. People swipe right or left to like or dislike a member just based on their appearance. That might be the main reason that many people use Tinder for sex.

How it works

The whole idea of Tinder is pretty simple. You will send you other members who fall within your preferred age range, gender and are within a certain distance of your location. You can swipe right to like a member or swipe left to dislike a member by checking their photo. If you don't like a member, they will never know. If you both like the look of each other, then you can message each other privately. That's how it works and makes the matches happen.

Then you may know the other reason why some people use Tinder as hookup app. It's easy and fast. We don't need to go through many processes and fill a lot of forms to just find casual fun. We need the casual thing to be simpler and more convenient.

Why you should forget about Tinder for hookup

According to previous introduction, most people use it for hookup because of its convenience. However, we all know that it is not originally designed for casual dating purpose. It is actually not an ideal platform to find casual fun. Think about this, when you contact someone you are interested in for hookup, while the one is traditional-minded and looking for serious relationship on the platform. It would be awkward to encounter this kind of situation. They may treat you as some kind of gangster and maybe say some bad words when you ask for casual fun. So how many turn-downs you can accept before you can find some like-minded people on the platform?

The better choices for casual sex

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As for the site features, you can think of all the useful and exciting functions that an adult dating site would have. They are born to be the platforms for making hookups happen. From easy registration to all kinds of useful features as well as privacy protection, these sites have made a lot of effort.

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