I Need To Get Laid! What Do I Do?

Don’t we all? But seriously, men and women have needs. Everyone understands that. Sometimes people just need to be touched by someone and feel their closeness. Porn is great but it only serves a very specific solo purpose. Today there are a multitude of venues where you can look for a hook up or a casual relationship, but there are few clear or guaranteed paths. That only exists in Vegas or Amsterdam. And if flying to either of those locations were an option you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

So Many Options So Little Time

So, let’s bring it back down to Earth and ask the more specific question. How do I get laid without having to travel great distances and spend lots of money? That is a more interesting question. There is always the bar scene, but that is a tired and over used options. With the growth of online dating and adult chats there are many online options that are new, exciting, and fun even if you don’t get laid. So, let’s peruse the online variety and explore how it can be done.

What Are Your Preferences?

The first step may seem difficult and annoying but it is critical if you want to be successful. If you want to get laid surely you won’t just have sex with anything. If that were the case the quickest option may be down at the local pub. But I am advising against this! Don’t Do It! Everyone has preferences. What are yours? This is the time to figure it out because it will help narrow your options.

Do you go for fit girls or bulky guys? Curvy? Of a certain background or ethnicity? Age range specific? Or are you into any specific kinks? Looking for a mature partner? Or maybe one who is already married? These are all valid options that can help decide how to find your next companion. The other important question to ask and to be honest with yourself about is what do you want out of the encounter? One-night stand? Casual relationship? Ongoing relationship? Something more? This too means something when you are choosing the platform to find your partner.

Are You Willing To Spend Money?

Everything costs something in this life. There are no free sandwiches. So, don’t go into this adventure thinking you can do it for free. There will always be an expense, even if it isn’t money. However, you have a better chance at being successful if you are willing to spend a few bucks upfront to show that you are serious about your desires. This means that many of the online dating platforms are both free and paid. The paid memberships get you many more options than just the free version and are often much more useful because they give you more chatting options and better search functions.

Persistence Is Critical

If you want to get laid tonight and it is already 4 pm you may be doing it solo, just prepare yourself. This isn’t an instant fix. Online dating platforms can take time but once you’ve mastered them you can get laid more often and more regularly. Think of it as not just going to a bar down the street but going to a bar that only serves your desired sexual partner, where you want to buy everyone a drink and chat up. So, take your time, develop a solid profile, learn how to chat online, and get laid!

Top Hints On How To Get Laid With Online Dating

  • Post Lots Of Photos
  • Describe Yourself Honestly
  • Be Funny
  • For Advice On Pickup Lines Brose r/Tinder on Reddit
  • Be Honest And Open
  • Be Positive
  • Chat With Everyone – Don’t Discriminate
  • Hope For The Best (Getting Laid) – Prepare for the Worst (Not Getting Laid)

What Site Should I Choose?

Well, honestly you need to do your research to find out what is the best site that fits your needs and wants. If you wanted a site that is geared to cheating spouse the AshleyMadison would be your choice. If you are looking for online naughty interactive toy play then free cams sites would be great. And if you need to get laid really soon, turning to those sex dating sites is obviously the most effective way. The Internet world is your oyster. Just pick, play, and repeat.