Apps Like Craigslist Personals As Its Alternative for Hookup

Craigslist is one of the leading advertisement platforms for classified ads. It includes job adverts, houses for sale or rental, items on demand, services and even has a section for discussion forums and event calendars. Having started in San Francisco in 1995 as a local advertising platform it has grown in to over 70 countries and available in 7 languages to serve its wide range of users. It has its name from its founder Craig Newmark.

Over the years Craigslist came up with adult personals section which turns out to be a great success. It had a number of services such as, men seeking men section, casual encounters, erotic sections and many others. In 2005 trouble started to brew as the site started getting accusation of facilitating sex trafficking and the spread of diseases. Under this legal pressure that stipulated that websites were to be held accountable for its misuse by third party users, Craigslist had to shut down its personals section. The complete shutdown of the personal section was carried out in March, 2018. But the other services on the site are still up and running.

So what's next?

The many users on Craigslist depended a lot on these adult personal services for their encounters. They have to look for alternatives that will be as helpful as Craigslist. The major alternatives for Craigslist are: AFF, AM, Pure, Tinder and Grindr. All these sites are common for casual encounters for either straight or gay users.

Why the alternatives?

These alternatives almost work in the same way as Craigslist personals used to work. For example, Tinder offers a large selection of services such as casual and long term relationship matches, it also uses geographical details to match users that are within the same locality and bear similar likes.

On the other hand a site like Grindr creates real time connections to men looking for other men. It allows users to find one another in an instance by alerting one on the proximity of the other. This site is strictly for the gays and men who are swingers much like the Craigslist men seeking men section.

Another similarity found in some of these alternatives, they offer adult content videos on the site, only accessible to users. This is a great alternative to those that were fans of Craigslist erotic section and they get to enjoy the same action as they did.

More about the alternatives

Some of these alternatives come with added features that make users not to miss the Craigslist personals section. Most of the sites are currently accessible through mobile apps and on the websites. This makes it easy for users to use them anywhere provided they have their phones with them.

A great thing that contributes a lot is the improvement on the security features to safeguard the personal information on these sites. A site like Pure, has a self destructing feature that allow a profile to remain live only for an hour. After that one hour it completely wipes offs itself.

These alternatives have more merits such as a huge user base that is all focused on one thing like dating or even casual encounters. This eases up the search and probability of the sites being used for illegal acts.