How To End A No Strings Attached Relationship

At the beginning of a "No Strings Attached" relationship, both the parties have loads of fun. The wonderful part of this kind of relationship lies in the three words "No Strings Attached". There suppose to be no commitment for both parties so you can move on anytime without any issue. But sometimes things do not go with the direction you expect it to go. Sooner or later, some troubles might begin to emerge, and you might encounter some difficulties trying to maintain the relationship just exactly how it started. So, what exactly is going on? Is it the right time to call quits? If so, then how?

Signs you should end an NSA relationship

There might be many signs that the NSA relationship is no longer what it supposes to be. To avoid further mass and embarrassment, you may need to quit at your earliest convenience. As soon as any of the following red flags begin to show up, you will know that it is the right time to let them go.

1. Anyone of you has caught feelings for the other. If you feel that they are the one who did so, and you were still holding on pretending that everything was okay, out of the fear of losing them, then you better change your track.

2. You have started texting too much. Remember, no emotional attachment is to be involved in this kind of relationship. If you are texting all the time, then maybe it has stopped being a 'just for fun' relationship.

3. You have started to date regularly. It is pretty obvious. If one of you are looking forward to a serious relationship with the other, check if you are ready to get rid of the NSA thing. If you are ok with that, then breaking the NSA one is probably the right thing to do. But if you are not ready, stop dating anymore and make it clear to the partner.

4. He/she wants to hang out. If anyone of you wants to be friends and get to know each other, you better run. Remember that you are just having sex dating only.

5. He/she wants you to meet his friends or family. Don't give second thoughts to your decision of leaving then. It's too obvious that someone is getting serious. Again, make it clear that you are not yet ready for something serious.

How to end

It is true that it can be messy to end relation with someone, even if you both know it was going to happen at the beginning. So here are a few proper ways to break it off with someone. Be sure to avoid casual relationships getting serious next time. Now it is better to end things gracefully if you want to do it the right way. And be honest of course.

A Method: Where do you think it will be appropriate to talk about this? What place? Do you think it can be done overall? Or even text? Grab a method that you think will be comfortable for both of you. Go for it; even it is a short goodbye or an email.

A reason: Do not just ghost the other person. Of course, you don't owe them anything. Still, it is nice to show respect. Tell them if you are in a serious relationship, or if you found a new fling. Let them know that you had a great time with them, but you think that now is the appropriate time to pack up and go.

Don't cut off communication: That is right, just don't do that. You are a grown up. If they entered a no strings attached relationship willingly, then they do know what to expect. No feelings are involved, so it is best to tell them that you are ready to move on.

One last go: What is better than the last time sex? Nothing much. Hook up safely one last time, and bring out the best moves you got!