Ways to Ensure A Safe Casual Hookup

In the last few decades the culture of hooking up has taken over the serious old-school relationships. In such a way that it has successfully accommodated itself within the lifestyle of the millennial. This involves indulging in a physical relationship that only lasts for some time. It encourages casual sex, one-night stands and such similar relationships. All these kind of relationship do not require commitment which is the so called no strings attached.

While you can choose your hook-up partner according to your wish, it is of great importance to ensure that the experience will be a safe one. And in terms of "safe", we mean both protecting your physical body as well as protecting your health. While some bad guys may target your body or money, someone with sex transmitted disease might be more harmful if you don't protect yourself well. Below are some tips that you can apply to create a shield for the hookup.

Know your partner well

First and foremost, it is very important that you know who you are going to hook-up with. Jumping into one without knowing anything regarding the other person won't be a very wise thing to do. Even though the hook-up only lasts for a very short period of time and you of course do not require his/her history of life, but some basic information won't hurt anyone. If you have met the person online, you can check him/her on their other social media platforms to have some idea about their authenticity. And if you have met them offline through common friends, you can ask them. Do not rush. Know them to a point where you can trust them enough to take the step. And you know you won't regret your decision.

Your hook-up shouldn't be a drunken decision

Even if a few drinks with your date messes up with your senses, be careful that you don't instinctively involve yourself in a hook-up. Have control so that you can ensure safety. Getting heavily drunk can remind you of your past baggage, and the hook-up can be a consequence of that impulse; or when drunk you can also forget to use protection that will give rise to unwanted results. The bottom line is: the next morning when you wake up sober, do not repent the judgment.

Learn to say "NO" to anything that violates your ground rules

If you have just met the person and you are trying to be careful about every step you are taking. Keep in mind that if something comes up that is making you uncomfortable or think twice, say a clear "no". You should remain unambiguous about your ground rules and no amount of persuasion from your partner should be able to change it. Be very transparent from the very beginning about your needs, and communicate them unapologetically. Make sure that both of you are on the same page and you have no emotional expectations from each other later on.

Have enough precaution

Do not fall prey to temptation and indulge in a hook-up without carrying and implementing precautions. In a casual hook-up scenario you can never really trust anyone and from your safety point of view. You take the responsibility of carrying a condom every time and using it. To prevent yourself from being infected by a sex transmitted disease, there are also some tips other than using a condom. Such as avoid sharing towers, wash before and after intercourse.

Respect your partner

After the good times have taken a leave, make sure that you wave a cordial goodbye to the other person to ensure that you have sowed o seed of bitterness in them that might ignite their wrath later on. This will ensure your overall safety and a good experience.